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Friday, March 4, 2011

So whats in a Dossier you ask?

Here is a list of our work thus far:

Prospective Adoptive Parent Form
Application Letter
Husband's Birth Certificate
Wife's Birth Certificate
Employment Letter - Husband
Employment/non-employment Letter - Wife
Certificate of Financial Status
Physical Exam - Husband
Physical Exam - Wife
Local or State Police Clearance - Husband
Local or State Police Clearance - Wife
Home Study (included 1 joint visit, 2 individual visits and 1 family visit + 4 referral letters, pet vaccination records, 10 hours of Hague training and more that I can't think of right now.)
Passport Page - Husband
Passport Page - Wife
1-797 Approval Notice
Photographs of Family and House

And basically all of it with the exception of maybe a few had to be notarized and certified. Phew. They weren't kidding when they say it is alot of paperwork and waiting.

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