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- Chinese Proverb

Monday, November 7, 2011

Bouillon clothes and a plane ride.

After our visit at the Inn it was time to pack up and head for Gaungzhou. We had a little mishap with our clothing the day before. We desperately needed clean clothes so Yifei asked around and found a place we could take them. Jason returned stunned that he left our clothes where he did. He said he handed our clothes over to a guy in a nasty alley way. We were just hoping we got everything back and in time to get it packed. Unfortunatley when Jason returned after picking them up they smelled like they had been washed in bouillon. The entire room stunk. was washing in the sink time. Only hiccup was that everything had to be dry by the next morning so we could pack our bags to leave. This is a picture of our room as you walk in. We had things hanging everywhere.
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We had no luck getting things dry by the time we needed. Even tried using the blow dryer in the room, but it was as powerful as if I just blew on our clothes. Jason headed down to see our new friend and manager Ken Low. Ken is from Singapore where he says they speak English regularly so he was the only other person we could talk with other than Yifie during our stay. Wish I had thought to take his photo but I never did. After hearing our crazy sob story Ken agreed to dry what was still wet. We also were wanting to pay to have them rewash our jeans. We did all our running around that day and came back to nice smelling clothes and Ken didn't even charge us. What a guy and what a nice ending to a very stressful night and morning.
We packed our things away said our goodbyes to our sweet and generous guide Yifei and then we were off to Guangzhou. Just a 2 hour flight with no delays. Yippee!
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The first plane ride for Landry. He was not a fan of the seat belt. We found out that he rode on the arm rest in the car with his foster family. Every time we catch a cab he points to the arm rest and says "my seat". Boy is he going to hate the 5 point harness car seat. That should be fun.
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