An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.
- Chinese Proverb

Sunday, November 6, 2011

First Haircut. Buzzzzzzzz

On our way home from the grocery we decided we'd stop in the Yes I Do Salon and get Landry a haircut. He was looking a bit shaggy. We had actually stopped in this salon the day before with Yiefei but she told us that she thought it was too expensive. She said it would be 5 US dollars and she thought we could get it done for 1 US dollar. We agreed to go somewhere else with her but were amazed at how cheap she thought we should get it for. Even though Yiefei was going to try and take us somewhere else we knew we were running out of time and just decided to go ahead and get it done while we had a few extra minutes.

Not one person spoke English in the salon. We just did a lot of pointing at Jason's head and Landry's hair. Hee, hee. They loved it and laughed. They went and got chairs, water and wanted pictures taken. One guy stood behind me and examined my hair. He kept pointing to my hair doing a thumbs up and wanted to fix it. I kindly declined and kept pointing to Landry only.

Landry cried at first but then settled down. Afterwards we had ourselves the most handsome little man around.

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  1. Love it, he does look more like Jason now. I just love it. and I'm a bit curious to see what they would have done with your hair, Amy! ha! I'm going to tell Snip Its that people in China think they overcharge. And I had a coupon the last time we went, and it was MUCH more than $1.